The Weekly Carnage

The Weekly Carnage is a Friday round-up of motor vehicle mayhem
across the five boroughs and beyond. For more on the origins and purpose of this
column, please read About the Weekly Carnage.

carnage_mendez_perez_yournabe.jpgNo charges were filed in this week’s collision that took the life of Astoria pedestrian Abundio Mendez-Perez. Photo: YourNabe

Fatal Crashes (3 Killed This Week, 17 This Year, 4 Drivers Charged*)

  • Astoria, Queens: Abundio Mendez-Perez, 32, Hit by Driver While Crossing Broadway at 21st Street; No Charges Filed (YourNabe)
  • East Flatbush: Driver Killed After Hitting Pothole, Utility Pole; 5 Passengers Hurt (News, Post)
  • Bloomfield, SI: 1 Killed, 2 Injured When Unlicensed Driver Slams Into Tree (Advance)

Injuries, Arrests and Property Damage

  • Harlem: Hit-and-Run Driver Strikes Woman and Grandson, Severing Her Leg (Gothamist, News)
  • Borough Park, Brooklyn: Man, 99, Assaulted by 83-Year-Old Driver Over Parking (Post)
  • Brooklyn: Unlicensed Drunk Driver Caught Running Lights in Grand Army Plaza (YourNabe)
  • Oakwood Heights, SI: 18-Year-Old Wrecks Stolen Car After Police Stop (Post)
  • Brooklyn: Tractor-Trailer Crash Causes Oil Spill (YourNabe)
  • W. Village: Apparently Famous Stefano Chitis Nets DWI After Wrong-Way Escapade (News)
  • SI Expressway Brought to Standstill After Two Crashes (Advance)

Following Up

  • Queens: DWI Hit-and-Run Car Thief Who Killed 2 Pedestrians Gets 15 Year Max (WINS, Post)
  • Staten Island DA: Drugged Driver Who Killed Daniel Kelley Might Not Be Charged (Advance)
  • Brooklyn: Killer DWI Cop Andrew Kelly Blames Pedestrian Death on Vic’s Drinking (Streetsblog)
  • Related: Family of Vionique Valnord Struck Again by Haiti Earthquake (News)
  • Manhattan: Police Say Bus Driver Who Killed Fuen Bai Was Backing Up; Still No Charges (Villager)
  • SI: Family Sues Driver Who Escaped Charges in 2008 Pedestrian Death (Advance)
  • Queens: Mother to Sue City Over Foster Parent Crash That Killed Daughter (Gothamist)
  • Manhattan: Rev. Al’s Daughter, Ex-Wife Headed to Trial Over ’09 Traffic Stop (WINS)

In the Region, Out of Town

  • West Nyack: NYPD Inspector’s Wife Said to Have Drowned After Driving Into Family Pool (News 1, 2)
  • Orangetown, NY: Boy, 11, Killed by 76-Year-Old Driver; Investigation Ongoing (LoHud)
  • Nassau County Detective Charged in Hit-and-Run (WINS)
  • Roseville, CA: Distracted “Hands-Free” Driver Plows Into Creek, Shoots His Way Out (Star-Trib)
  • English DJ, Irate Motorists Team Up to Encourage Suicidal Woman to Jump From Bridge (Mail)

Other News

  • Elmhurst Hospital Cites Vehicles as Top Cause of Injuries, Highest Level in Nearly 10 Years (News)
  • Advance Reader: Death by DWI Is No “Accident”
  • City and State Agencies Insist It’s Safe to Text Drivers With Traffic Alerts (News)
  • Paterson Budget Includes Speed Cameras for State Police (Observer)
  • LAPD Assigns Task Force to Work With Cyclists on Street Safety (Streetsblog LA)
  • Study Says Helmet Laws Discourage Cycling (MO Bike Ped Fed)
  • Momentum Grows in CT for Seat Belts on School Buses (AP)
  • The Latest in Luxury Motoring: Concentration-Intensive “Virtual Dashboards” (WSJ)

* Based on latest available reports