Dear Streetsbloggers: How Do You Spread the Word About Bike Lane Rules?

To assist in the ongoing effort to better articulate a set of social norms for the endless variety of circumstances one encounters on city streets, we’re passing on this request from a reader. "Midtown Biker" asks for advice on the best way to handle these situations:

  1. Another biker is riding the wrong way on a one-way street (West 90th Street) and
    hogging the bike lane. I tried "Please ride with the traffic" and got cursed at.
  2. I’m riding in a bike lane. A car cuts me off, then stops short,
    double-parking in the bike lane. The street is now impassable. I tried, "Please
    don’t block the bicycle lane." The doorman from the driver’s apartment building
    said to the driver, "You do whatever you want. You want to park here, don’t
    listen to him." Any suggestions?


New Places to Double Park on Upper West Side

Staying on the cars-parked-in-bike-lanes theme… Bike lanes are popping up faster than you can say "community involvement" these days, like on West 90th and 91st Streets, where the final stripes have yet to be laid. (Shown above: West 90th between Columbus and Central Park West.) I like: The lanes connect Riverside Drive and Central Park […]