Wednesday: Livable Streets Team at “No Impact Man” Screening


Streetsbloggers are encouraged to come out this Wednesday and join Clarence Eckerson and Kim
Wiley-Schwartz from the Livable Streets Initiative, along with Amanda
Gentile from Brooklyn Green Team and author Elizabeth Royte, for a
panel discussion after a screening of the "No Impact Man" documentary.

In case you’re still unfamiliar with No Impact Man, here’s the official film promo blurb:

Author Colin Beavan, in research for his next book, began the No
Impact Project in November 2006. A newly self-proclaimed
environmentalist who could no longer avoid pointing the finger at
himself, Colin leaves behind his liberal complacency for a vow to make
as little environmental impact as possible for one year. No more
automated transportation, no more electricity, no more non-local food,
no more material consumption … no problem. That is, until his
espresso-guzzling, retail-worshipping wife Michelle and their two
year-old daughter are dragged into the fray. Laura Gabbert and Justin
Schein’s film provides a front row seat into the familial strains and
strengthened bonds that result from Colin’s and Michelle’s struggle
with this radical lifestyle change.

And here are the event details:

WHEN: Wednesday, September 16, 7:20 p.m.
WHERE: Angelika Film Center, 18 W. Houston St. (at Mercer St.), Manhattan
COST: $12.50 adults; $9 for seniors and children

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I am so hoping for a Jeff Klein cameo.