The Weekly Carnage

The Weekly Carnage is a Friday round-up of motor vehicle mayhem
across the metro region. For more on the origins and purpose of this
column, please read About the Weekly Carnage.

Fatal Crashes (12 Killed This Week, 138 This Year*, 14 Drivers Charged**)

  • Queens: Teen Driver Pitied for Killing 32-Year-Old Pedestrian (News)
  • Brooklyn Bridge: Man Dies After Slamming Into Parked DOT Truck (News)
  • Staten Island: Motorcyclist “Pops a Wheelie,” Hits Parked Car (SI Advance)
  • Throgs Neck Bridge: Worker Crushed by Truck Boom (City Room)
  • Newark: Pedestrian, 74, Killed by Driver of Stolen Car (1010 WINS)
  • East Meadow, LI: Brothers Killed Crossing Tpk.; Driver Charged With Manslaughter (Newsday)
  • Holbrook, LI: Woman Killed in Collision With Tractor-Trailer (1010 WINS)
  • Chester, NY: Teen Crashes, Killed Passing Friends’ Cars (1010 WINS)
  • Bridgeport, CT: Mechanic Crushed When Car Slips Off Jack (CT Post)
  • Norwalk, CT: Carjacker Dies in Police Chase (CT Post)
  • New Fairfield, CT: Motorcyclist Hits Utility Pole (CT Post)

Injuries, Arrests and Property Damage

  • Queens: Witnesses Watch Cop Car Run Light, Send Man Flying; NYPD Exonerates Its Own (News)
  • Staten Island: Livery Driver Hits Parking Agent Over Ticket; SI Advance Readers Cheer
  • Manhattan: Crash Leaves Cab Overturned in Chelsea, 3 Seriously Injured (Streetsblog, 1010 WINS)
  • Manhattan: Driver Crashes Into Two W. Village Businesses; No Injuries Reported (Runnin’ Scared)
  • Bronx: Car With NYPD Placard Blocks FDNY From Hydrant; Four Kids, One Cat Injured (Post)
  • Smithtown, LI: Man Arrested for Trying to Run Over Muslim Woman and Daughter (Newsday)
  • Southeast, NY: Man Chases DWI Suspect 15 Miles; “He Could Have Killed Someone” (LoHud)
  • Bridgewater, NJ: Suspect Wanted in Pedestrian Hit-and-Run (NJ Local)
  • East Brunswick, NJ: Driver Reaching for Water Bottle Crashes Into House (Star-Ledger)
  • Plainsboro, NJ: Man Drives Over Woman’s Foot for Trying to Stop Him From DWI (Times)
  • Bridgeport, CT: Crowd Threatens Driver of Car Hit by Dirt Bike Rider (CT Post)
  • North Castle, NY: Truck Driver With Suspended License Hits House (LoHud)

Following Up

  • Manhattan: Cab-Driving Ped Killer Shaiful Alam Had 11 License Points (Post, News)
  • Queens: Road Worker Recovering After Losing Part of Leg to Coked-Up Driver (LoHud)
  • Newark: Suspect Arrested in Fatal June Hit-and-Run (Star-Ledger)
  • Westchester Co.: Diane Schuler Autopsy Report Released to Family (Newsday)
  • New Rochelle: Bronx Man Charged With Manslaughter for Fatal May Collision (LoHud)
  • Wading River, LI: 9-Year-Old Boy Killed by SUV Was Foster Child in ACS Care (News)
  • Dix Hills, LI: Mother, Friend Want Safety Fixes Where Cyclist Was Killed (Newsday)
  • Stratford, CT: Saga Continues Over Car Damaged by Cop Who Had Seizure (CT Post)

Out of Town

  • Ted Kennedy Haunted by Chappaquiddick, But Not Punished or Forgiven (News, Newsday)
  • NJ Gov. Candidate Christie Stopped Without Registration or Insurance Info in ’05 (1010 WINS)
  • Camden, NJ: Toyota Settles Suit With Families of Three Boys Who Died in Trunk (AP)
  • Syracuse, NY: Girl, 9, Struck and Killed While Skateboarding (AP)
  • Oxnard, CA: Driver Pulled From Truck Stranded on Train Tracks After Collision (AP)
  • Salinas, CA: Truck Driver Gets Three Years for Hit-and-Run That Injured 2 Peds (AP)
  • Madisonville, KY: Man Charged With Murder in Pedestrian Death (AP)
  • St. Louis, MO: Cleveland Indians Bus in Collision With Car; Other Driver Injured (AP)


  • TA Report: Given the Will, NYPD Could Reduce Reckless Driving (Streetsblog, News)
  • Manhattan DA Candidates Vance and Snyder Unveil Traffic Safety Campaign Planks (Streetsblog)
  • Staten Island: Politicians, SI Advance Target Cyclists Amid Real-World Violence (Streetsblog)
  • NYC DOT Installs 180 Crosswalk Countdown Timers (NY1)
  • Gov. Paterson Signs Texting-While-Driving Bill (LoHud)
  • Related: Can Technology Succeed Where TWD Law Enforcement Fails? (WSJ)
  • Penalty for Killer Drunk Drivers in China: Death (Economist)
  • Study: Cyclists Cause Less Than 10 Percent of Bike-Car Collisions (T’hugger)
  • Turnpike, Parkway Patrols Cost New Jersey $62 Million a Year (AP)
  • NJ Columnist Jim Six: “Moronic” Pedestrians in “Silly Crosswalks” Begging to Be Roadkill (GC Times)

* Since the week of June 8
** Drivers charged for deaths since the week of June 8, based on latest available reports