Status Report: Sands Street Bike Path Ready Next Week

sands_st_paved.jpgYou’re not really supposed to do this yet, but next week the bridge approach on Sands Street should officially open.

There’s a fresh coat of asphalt on the Sands Street bike path, and guys on the construction crew say this long-awaited approach to the Brooklyn side of the Manhattan Bridge should officially open for riding next week. Still to come: pavement markings and fencing.

Streetsblog’s offices are just a short walk away on Water Street, and I figure it’s not often that you get to show a piece of heavy duty bike infrastructure round into form, so here are a few more pictures showing the progress since last week. To appreciate how much this project will improve commutes for cyclists, check out the "before" pictures from last September.

sands_street_crew.jpgThe crew works on the section between Navy Street and Gold Street.
sands_street_signal.jpgThis signal, at the intersection of Sands and Gold, is for cyclists.
fence_markings.jpgThis is the barrier separating the bike path from auto traffic. The silver markings are there to guide installation of a fence.