Ask the RIOC: May I Park My Bike Tonight?

bikerackafterenforcement.jpgMission accomplished? Plenty of room at the RI subway station rack. Photo: Roosevelt Islander

It seems the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation has altered its policy prohibiting overnight bike rack parking. In an effort to keep them clear of abandoned bikes, the RIOC previously announced that any bike found on the public racks by the subway and tram stations between 2 and 5 a.m. would be confiscated and, if not claimed within 48 hours, donated to the island thrift store.

Now, reports Roosevelt Islander, the RIOC is making allowances for late-night cyclists — providing they let the agency know who they are ahead of time.

Roosevelt Island Public Safety Director [Keith] Guerra advises that bikes may
be locked up at the tram and subway bike racks during the 2-5 AM hours
but there has been no change in the policy that prohibits overnight
storage of bikes on a regular basis. The intent of this policy is to
allow late night commuters to use the bike racks, not to allow
residents to use these bike racks as a permanent storage area as some
have previously been doing. As of now, contact the Public Safety Department
each day you plan on having your bicycle locked up at the Subway or
Tram bike racks during the 2-5 AM hours and it will not be removed. If
you need your bike locked up during these hours on a regular basis,
advise the Public Safety Department of your situation. They will
attempt to work out a solution.

Does this sound like a viable step to meet regular island cyclists halfway — or is it, however well-intentioned, another obstacle to getting around by bike? We’re especially interested in hearing from cyclists who have, or will be, "registering" with RIOC.