Streetfilms: Building Greenways and Community in the Bronx

This Streetfilm from Robin Urban Smith and Elizabeth Press brings us an update on the state of greenway development in the Bronx. Writes Robin:

The Bronx River Greenway and South Bronx Greenway
plans apply community-driven design strategies to help undo years of
top down, auto-centric planning and development in the Bronx. The
greenways, when completed, will create a network of safe bicycle and
pedestrian paths and routes, parks, and waterfront access points
throughout the borough. See the Bronx River Alliance’s 2009 calendar for a list of events and activities planned on or around the Bronx River. Also be sure to check out Sustainable South Bronx and The Point Community Development Corporation for more information about the projects and for ways to get involved.

The vid includes interview footage with Astrid Glynn, who has since stepped down as New York State DOT commissioner.