Wiki Wednesday: Where’s the MTA?

metrocard_facebook.jpgFuture StreetsWiki "Doomsday" graphic?

It’s no April Fools Day joke: Somehow, Livable Streets Community members have yet to create a StreetsWiki article on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

It’s a heavy lift, for sure, but imagine the spin-off entries: Doomsday, The Fare Hike Four, bridge tolls, "so outside the box," MTA debt (with lead author Larry Littlefield, natch). The possibilities are endless.

Another chapter in the MTA saga will unfold tomorrow morning as transit riders fill out invoices addressed to David Paterson, Sheldon Silver and Malcolm Smith, "calling for
commuters to be reimbursed for fast-approaching fare hikes." The event, sponsored by a coalition of advocacy groups, will run from 8:00 to 10:00 at Union
Square, on the
north side of 14th Street across from Whole Foods.

To help pen the story of the MTA, you’ll need a Livable Streets account to get started. Like a drive over the East River bridges, it’s totally free.