Bus Riders Testify About the Necessity of Transit

Like New York and dozens of other American cities, Minneapolis is facing the prospect of higher transit fares and less service amid the economic downturn. To impress upon state lawmakers that their constituents depend on transit to meet basic needs, the St. Stephen’s Human Rights Campaign compiled this video of testimonials from bus riders (hat tip to Twin Cities Streets for People; see all the testimonials here). They asked a simple question: What do you use the bus for?

Watching the answers calls to mind all the reps in Albany who oppose funding transit through bridge tolls and fees on driving by invoking the plight of working-class New Yorkers. As if their transit riding constituents don’t need to get to work, make trips to the doctor, or take their kids to school. One wonders whether the Gang of Three would so shamelessly obstruct the rescue of our transit system if New York’s local TV crews asked bus and subway riders this question, instead of, say, putting the screws to Lee Sander about his morning routine.