Wednesday: CB4 Needs to Hear From Eighth Avenue Cycle Track Supporters


The transportation committee of Manhattan Community Board 4 will host a public meeting Wednesday night regarding DOT plans for a
protected bike lane on Eighth Avenue from W. 14th to W.
23rd Street.

Phase one of the project [PDF], from Bank Street to 14th, is currently underway, and plans are to extend the lane north next spring. Though the city is not bound by community board recommendations, it is important that supporters of the lane turn out to counter what has been vocal opposition — particularly given the success of the cycle track on Ninth Avenue, which in its first year has seen:

  • a 50 percent decline in injuries (from all crashes)
  • a 41 percent decline in total crashes (36% decline in reportable crashes)
  • a 36 percent decline in crashes involving pedestrians
  • a drop in sidewalk riding
  • a 57 percent increase in cyclists

The meeting will be held at the Fulton Center Auditorium, 119 Ninth Avenue (between 17th and 18th Streets), at 6 p.m. A DOT presentation will be followed by questions on the proposal, starting at 6:20. Public comments are to begin at about 6:45. Comments should be limited
to two minutes.

Image: DOT