“Bikes in Buildings” Bill: It’s About Access

Last week Streetsblog reported that, as Intro 38 (a.k.a. the "Bikes in Buildings Bill") awaits action in the City Council, the Real Estate Board of New York is asking members to voluntarily provide bike access and parking in their buildings. Here’s a take on the situation from Thursday’s Crain’s Insider:

With a bill mandating bicycle access in commercial buildings boasting 30 co-sponsors in the City Council, the Real Estate Board of New York — which opposes the bill — is encouraging its members to voluntarily accommodate bicycles. The idea could be to make a law seem unnecessary, but a disconnect is apparent. A letter from REBNY President Steve Spinola to owners this month says the group opposes a bike storage mandate. Unlike past versions, the pending bill requires access only. Backers say that many employers would provide storage space but that building management stops cyclists at the door.

If REBNY members are unsure about how easy it is to comply with Intro 38, we offer these examples of buildings that already meet the bill’s standards. You don’t exactly have to roll out the red carpet. Courtesy of Transportation Alternatives:

  • 60 Broad/25 Beaver: Access through the back of the building. Employees utilize freight elevator and store their bikes in common areas on individual floors or in their personal office space.
  • 11 Penn Plaza: Access through the back of the building. Employees utilize freight elevator and store their bikes in their respective offices. Post-freight elevator hours, employees exit building via main elevator.
  • 557 Broadway: Access through back of building. Employees park bikes underneath a stairwell in the mail room.
  • 333 Hudson Street: Access through main entrance. Employees utilize main elevator bank and store their bikes in their respective offices.


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