Streetfilms: Summer Streets 2008

Conditions could hardly have been better for Saturday’s Summer Streets debut, and New Yorkers responded, turning out in droves to enjoy a car-free route from Lower Manhattan to Central Park. Of course, Clarence Eckerson was on hand to capture this historic livable streets event for Streetfilms. He offers this testimonial:

We’ll spare you the 200 adjectives we could list about how
transformational it was, for it was beyond anything on the printed
page. The general consensus was that the event succeeded beyond even
the most hoped for expectations and would pass even the most
pessimistic of measuring sticks. A page has been turned, clearly there
is no doubt: the future will hold many more large scale street openings
for pedestrians, cyclists, runners, children, dog walkers, dancers, and
any other reasonable livable space use.

If you missed it this week, take heart: early forecasts for Saturday call for partly cloudy skies with a high in the mid-80s.