Summer Streets Headlines

Streetsblog is running our weekend news wrap-up in two sections this morning. This section is devoted to stories about Saturday’s inaugural Summer Streets event. Links to non-Summer Streets coverage are here. The following headlines are titled as they appeared in source publications.

Prior to the event:

  • Will Car-Free ‘Summer Streets’ Work? (City Room)
  • Streets Built to Roam for a Day (News)
  • ‘Ribbon of Recreation’ to Wind Through NYC Streets (WCBS TV)
  • Summer Streets [Interview with Bloomberg and Sadik-Khan] (Fox 5)
  • Car-Free Saturdays Begin This Weekend (Downtown Express)
  • City Is Set to Enjoy a Car-Free Park Ave (Metro)
  • Businesses Brace for Summer Streets (WNYC)
  • ‘Summer Streets’ for the Feet in New York (Trib)

After the event:

  • No Traffic on a Saturday? Well, No Cars, Anyway (NYT)
  • NYC Experiments With Car-Free Urban Playground (AP)
  • Takin’ It to the (No-Traffic) Streets (News)
  • Gentlemen, Stop Your Engines (Voice)
  • A Car-Free Day (Post)
  • Car-Free Zone Biz Was Feast, Famine (Post)
  • 7 Miles of Manhattan Streets Go Car-Free (WNYC)

A sampling from the blogosphere: