Today’s Headlines

Streetsblog is running our weekend news wrap-up in two sections this morning. Links to coverage of Saturday’s inaugural Summer Streets event will be posted separately.

  • Friedman: How Energy Taxes Helped Denmark Kick Its Oil Habit
  • Contested Streets Now a National Trend (NYT)
  • NYT Assesses Red Hook Ikea
  • Bloomberg Weighs in on Bridge Tolls (News)
  • Gas Prices Dip Below $4/Gallon at Some New York Pumps (News)
  • State Senate Approves Gansevoort Waste Transfer Station (News)
  • NYT Reviews Tom Vanderbilt’s ‘Traffic’
  • NYC Joins 20 Other Cities in Measuring Carbon Footprints (Post)
  • Yglesias: No One Is Arguing That the U.S. Should Be Car-Free; Driving Should Just Be Rarer