Eyes on the Street: Dekalb Bike Lane Used for NYPD Parking


From Clinton Hill Blog via Gothamist:

Since I’ve been biking a lot lately, I’ve
come to realize how wonderful bike lanes actually are.  I’m pleased to
say that we now have a bike lane on both Myrtle AND DeKalb!  However, I
have noticed that the DeKalb bike lane seems to be contributing to the
bottle necking that happens around Classon Ave, causing a backup.

It’s not actually the bike lane that’s causing this.

The cause is the police parking. Cop cars cut off an entire lane
just west of Classon on DeKalb, and now that practice has become even
more dangerous.

This intersection has already become a
traffic nightmare, and now cyclists have to divert out into traffic
that’s already dangerous. Surely there must be a better way to arrange
this. With a huge increase in neighborhood traffic (especially on
Sundays with the Flea), this isn’t cool.

Speaking of bike lanes, WE NEED ONE ON LAFAYETTE AVENUE!!! ASAP!!!