Council to Vote on Pricing Later Today [Updated]

From the Daily Politics:

Multiple sources tell the DN’s City Hall bureau that the Council is going to go forward with a vote on congestion pricing this afternoon despite the fact that it has not received assurances from the state Legislature that the issue will be taken up in the Senate, and, perhaps more importantly, the Assembly, if Council members put themselves out there and pass this contentious issue.

Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who is way out on a limb for Mayor Bloomberg on this issue, needs 26 votes to pass the pay-to-drive plan. The assumption is she has them, or she wouldn’t be calling this vote.

UPDATE: The Federal and State Legislation Committee is scheduled to meet at 3:30 p.m. The full Council will vote after the committee moves the bill out.

UPDATE: The Observer’s Azi Paybarah is issuing live updates at the Politicker.

UPDATE TWO: Liz Benjamin also has breaking news at Daily Politics, and City Room is following the action as well. (Sewell Chan at City Room reports the 3:30 meeting was delayed for an hour "as negotiations continued to take place.")