It’s Time to Tell Your Reps to Vote for Pricing

The public hearings have been held, the commission has approved a plan, now the votes on congestion pricing are fast approaching. As the March 31st legislative deadline draws near, Transportation Alternatives and other pro-pricing groups are ramping up the advocacy.

TA_CP_ad_1.jpgYesterday, T.A. sent a message to supporters outlining its strategy. The ad to the right is part of a campaign directing New Yorkers to, a site run by the Campaign for New York’s Future where visitors
can tell their state legislators to support congestion pricing:

Last week, T.A. launched a major push for congestion pricing that plays
to our strengths. With only a handful of weeks before the legislative
deadline to pass pricing, we have rolled out full-page ads in 13 weekly
community papers in key areas of Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. Each of
the newspapers serves a neighborhood that is due for major traffic
reduction and transit benefits under congestion pricing. And to extend
our reach, dozens of T.A volunteers have taken to the subways with
flyers letting straphangers know exactly what congestion pricing
promises for their commute.

Update: So far, the form doesn’t include a way to contact City Council members, who vote on the proposal first.