T.A. Responds to Fidler’s Tax’n’Tunnel Pipe Dream

We probably shouldn’t be lavishing any more attention on Lew Fidler’s Tax’n’Tunnel proposal but Transportation Alternatives’ Paul Steely White fired off a pretty good, concise response to the Daily News the other day:

Instead of supporting congestion pricing, Councilman Lew
Fidler wants to impose billions of dollars in payroll taxes and dig
three new tunnels ("Tunnel visions," Nov. 13). If Fidler truly wants to
help those who rely on mass transit, he should recognize that they
don’t need tax hikes or holes in the ground, but the immediate transit
improvements that congestion pricing would provide.

Paul Steely White
Transportation Alternatives

OK, I’ll admit it. I just miss mixing it up with Fidler in the comments section. Lew, where’d ya go?