R-E-S-P-E-C-T: DOT to Install Sleek New Bike Parking Shelters


While the NYPD, Parks Department, MTA, unnamed authorities and, of course, bike thieves, busily clip locks and cart off New Yorkers’ bicycles in great number, the Department of Transportation is making sure that not only do bike commuters have a classy spot to park outdoors, but their tushies won’t get wet when it rains. Next month, cyclists will be happy to see the first of many new public bike-parking shelters popping up near transit hubs throughout the city. Word has it there was a bit of flexibility built in to the Cemusa bus shelter contract and DOT decided to get a bit creative and try this out. New York Magazine reports:

The structures are from the same company that’s installing those adorable new bus stops around town. As you can see, they look very similar, except they’ve removed the side and rear panels for easy access for up to eight bikes. (And their ad panels will show off the city bike map or reminders to pedal safely.) The Art Commission approved the design yesterday, and the contractor will build the first 5 of 37 at commuting hubs. Look for them at 17th and Broadway, DeKalb and Flatbush, Pelham Parkway and White Plains Road, Jackson Avenue at 50th Street in Long Island City, and the St. George Ferry Terminal.

And, hey, it only took eight years. The Department of City Planning Transportation Division recommended the installation of sheltered bike parking in its 1999 Bicycle Parking Needs report:

Where space is available, the installation of CityRacks should be accompanied by the installation of a protective canopy that offers shelter from the weather. Such a shelter could be modeled after the New York City bus shelter. In addition to weather protection, such a shelter would offer the advantage of raised public awareness.

Streetsblog has been a big admirer of other city’s bike parking shelters for some time (Brussels, Bogota). It’ll be nice to see other cities admiring New York City.