For the Best in Transportainment, Try a Pedicab


This week’s Time Out New York offers advice on the best ways to navigate the city (all of them sans private automobile). In addition to tips on cheating the MTA out of a subway fare and knowing when the bus is better, TONY explains that pedicabs aren’t just for tourists.

“I’ll get you anywhere in midtown in under ten minutes, or I’ll pay you,”
says Gregg Zukowski, driver and owner of pedicab company Revolution
Rickshaws. “For example, Grand Central to Penn Station takes me seven
minutes.” What if there’s gridlock? “Then it might take eight,” he

“It’s ‘transportainment,’” says New York Pedicab Association president
Peter Meitzler. “It’s cheaper than a limo but just as much personal
attention. I like to think of it as a pedal-powered limo service.”

Just don’t breathe too deeply — think about all those fumes pedi
passengers must inhale as they zip around idling cars. “I know, I
know,” sighs Zukowski. “It’s a bitch. I’m trying to get those
automobiles banned.”

Photo: ultrahi/Flickr