Public Hearing: West Side Transportation Issues

Do you have thoughts about improving the bicycle, pedestrian and transportation environment on the Upper West Side? In conjunction with Councilmember Gale Brewer, the Department of Transportation would like to hear your thoughts, concerns and ideas regarding transportation issues from West 55th to 86th Streets (PDF).

From the DOT:
The New York City Department of Transportation is conducting a traffic and transportation study for the area bounded by West 55th Street, West 86th Street, Central Park West and Twelfth Avenue/Henry Hudson Parkway in the Borough of Manhattan.

The study was initiated in response to community concerns over the growth in major real estate developments and traffic congestion. The study will assess existing traffic and transportation conditions in the study area and project how future land uses may generate new trips and affect levels of congestion in the study area. Community input will be an integral part of the assessment process. After the study we will work with the community to produce recommendations to improve traffic flow and safety along corridors and at intersections, reduce congestion and improve access to local destinations.

The following topics will be analyzed in detail as part of this study:

  • demographics
  • traffic and transportation
  • accidents and safety
  • goods movement
  • parking
  • pedestrian and bicycles
  • land use and zoning