Lew Fidler Laments Impending Loss of Parking Permit

fidler.jpgThe Daily Politics’ Liz Benjamin captured this little off-the-cuff gem in her interview yesterday with Brooklyn Council member Lew Fidler. Fidler, who called the 17-member congestion pricing commission "a sham," is emerging as one of City Council’s most outspoken congestion pricing critics:

"I am not retiring, but I have not decided what I’m going to do,"
Fidler said. "I’m not running for mayor, comptroller, public advocate
of borough president. There are lots of ways to serve in government,
and they’re not always elected positions…I enjoy being a councilman
more than I could tell you. I wish I wasn’t term-limited, but I’m not
going to run for an office I’m not likely to win, trying to jam a
square peg in a round hole, just to keep the parking permit."

Tell it like it is, Lewis!