New TV Ad Focuses on PlaNYC’s Health Benefits

The Campaign for New York’s Future
has released a new poll, a glossy mailer that’ll go out to 380,000 families, and a television advertisement focusing on the health benefits of Mayor Bloomberg’s PlaNYC 2030. The Daily Politics has a nice write-up:

With time running out up in Albany and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver
saying he has no intention of moving on congestion pricing, the
Campaign for New York’s Future, a pro-congestion pricing coalition, has
unleashed a new TV ad and a poll
that indicates support for the proposal increases dramatically once
people are explained the "benefits" of the mayor’s plan — as he sees

The ad features Keisha Lee, a Queens mother who lives near the 59th Street bridge and whose children all have asthma. Here’s some of the script:

We live by the 59th Street Bridge. It’s a nice area, but I think there’s a lot of congestion. All my children have asthma. Basically, it’s like, you know, someone sitting on your chest, and
it’s hard to breathe, and you’re just, you’re like gasping for breath. I think living under the 59h Street Bridge has contributed to my children’s asthma. The air is very bad with all the congestion. With all the traffic going into Manhattan. It is hurting my children. I think we deserve a chance like
everybody else, who want to have clean air nice playground for our
children to play in.