Bicycle Film Festival: Ski Boys, Bike Kill 4 and Monkey Warfare

Three showings of a three-film program.

    Canada 2006 | Super 8 | 8 min.
    Dir. Benny Zenga
    The last reels of the Ski Boys, which document their inventive exploits in rural Ontario during the early 70’s.
    USA 2006 | Super 8 | 2 min.
    Dir. Nick Golebiewski
    The Black Label Bicycle Club throws an amazing block party .
    New York Premiere
    Canada 2006 | DV | 77 min.
    Dir. Reginald Harkema Many critics have selected this film as one of the best films without distribution of the year.

    This film is perfect for our opening as suggested by Indiewire’s Tom Hall “I can’t recommend Monkey Warfare enough and, if this movie is not the Opening Night Film of NYC’s Bicycle Film Festival, there is something wrong in the world.”

    Dan and Linda are two ex-activists in Toronto who live a low-key lifestyle of selling junk online and riding their bicycles. After their pot dealer gets busted, they meet the young revolutionary Susan, forcing Dan and Linda to question their relationship and face their turbulent past. "Monkey Warfare" was well received at the 2006 Toronto International Film Festival winning the Special Jury Award.