Bicycle Film Festival: 6 Films

One showing of a six-film program.

    USA 2007 | DV | 14min.
    Dir. Lucas Brunelle
    The famous Lucas Brunelle travels the world from London to Mexico City to New York. In this year’s update of his worldwide adventures you see the emerging bike movement through his helmet cam.
    UK 2006 | Animation | 2 min.
    Dir. Kristian Andrews
    No Milk! A homage to my ’81 Motobecane mono-shock.
    USA 2007 | Animation | 4 min.
    Dir. Chombo
    Fun little animation.
    USA 2006 | DV | 9 min.
    Dir. Kathleen Grace & Thom Woodley
    The Burg gang decide to bike to Astoria after learning of an L-Train disruption.
    USA 2007 | DV | 7 min.
    Dir. Luke Stiles
    For the first time New York City made it through the winter culminating at Spring 2007 Second East Side Polo Invite.
    East Coast Premiere
    USA 2006 | DV | 65 min.
    Dir. J.T. Fountain
    Travis Parker, Louie Fountain, and Scotty Wittlake approached travel differently this past winter. Putting snowmobiles and 4×4’s to shame, the crew traveled across the great Northwest in a bikecar: a four person pedal powered vehicle that was the vessel of the adventure…part bike, part car. Pulling a trailer with snowboards and gear, the crew pedaled in search of snow for one month. Bikecar is a one of a kind documentary, which brings a new perspective to travel, adventure, and snowboarding.


Bicycle Film Festival: 18 Messenger Shorts

Three showings of a 18-film program. DAO & THE ART OF BICYCLE INVENTION UK 2006 | Various Mediums | 3 min. Dir. Danny Beck BRIT DOCS Selection MY BIKE, MY BAG and I USA | 1 min. Dir. RED LIGHT GO courtesy of KSK Studios Bronx Jon 95th BERLIN SIX DAYS GERMANY 2006 | DV […]

Bicycle Film Festival: 14 Short Films

One showing of a 14-film program. A HISTORY OF THE BICYCLE USA 2001 | DV | 6 min. Dir. Michael P. Gaughan Historian David Herlihey illustrates the development of the modern bicycle and its impact on society. IN MEMORIUM UK/Portugal 2006 | DV | 4 min. Dir. Eduardo Amaro Every day, the same route. Every […]

Bicycle Film Festival: 14 Short Films

One showing of a 14-film program. TAGUK/USA 2007 | DV | 5 min. Dir. William Prouty A bike messenger and rollerblader face off during a chase through the streets of London. THE NEW WOMAN: ANNIE "LONDONDERRY" KOPCHOVSKY USA 2006 | DVC Pro | 8 min. Dir. Gillian Klempner & Meghan Shoa This is about an […]

Bicycle Film Festival: 8 Films

One showing of an eight-film program. BICYCLE SAMBA UK 2005 | DV | 2 min. Dir. Sophie Clements Samba on bicycles! All sounds directly from the bikes – no added or altered sounds. YELLOW JACKET France 2005 | Animation | 6 min. Dir. Bruno Collet Bicycle racing hijinx by the beach. PUMP USA 2006 | […]

Bicycle Film Festival: 5 Films

One showing of a five-film program. A VERY LONG SUMMER AFTERNOON Romania 2006 | DV | 12 min. Dir. Eliza Zdrv Four travelers. Four memories. Four bikes. THE BICYCLE: FIGHTING AIDS WITH COMMUNITY MEDICINE Canada 2006 | DV | 14 min. Dir. Katerina Cizek An intimate look at AIDS through the eyes of Pax Chingawale, […]