Talk: New Mobility: The Next Generation of Sustainable Urban Transportation

NYU Wagner Rudin Center for Transportation Policy & Management and University Transportation Research Center Region 2 present …

New Mobility: The Next Generation of Sustainable Urban Transportation

Remarks by Susan Zielinski, Managing Director, Sustainable Mobility and Accessibility Research and Transformation Project, University of Michigan

With the emergence of new services and products, new information technologies, and innovative public and private partnerships, we are approaching a new age of mobility and accessibility in urban regions. This new age is about moving people and goods in ways that are greener, safer, healthier, more equitable, multi-modal, multi-service, and connected, door-to-door. It’s also about moving less, reducing the number and length of trips with the help of telecommunications technologies, smart land use, and urban design. Transcending the quest for a silver bullet, New Mobility takes a whole systems approach to understanding and innovating urban transportation, and engages a wide range of private and public sector innovators, supporting the development of a nascent New Mobility industry cluster that works to address shifting and increasingly urgent urban transportation needs globally. This session will present New Mobility concepts and opportunities with selected case examples from around the world.