CUNY Sustainability Conference

The first annual CUNY Sustainability Conference will discuss the critical issues of energy and environmental sustainability. This conference recognizes CUNY’s emerging role as a leader in addressing these issues. Particular emphasis will be placed on these issues as they affect the nation, New York State, and New York City, but all of these impacts will be discussed within the context of global concerns. These front page issues include: the impacts of rapidly rising global energy use and fossil fuel demand; the connection between fossil fuel-based energy production and potentially devastating climate change; and the social, political and economic effects of rapid urbanization and its influence on energy use. This invitation is extended to faculty and students from all disciplines, as well as to colleagues and counterparts throughout the environmental arena who may currently be conducting research or have an interest in the themes of this conference.

The conference will try to integrate two major themes: 1) the cutting-edge scientific and engineering innovations that will lead to breakthroughs in alternative energy sources, energy efficiency, and increasing energy supply; and 2) the policy questions to be defined and resolved to bring these innovations forward to the wider society. It is an opportunity for CUNY researchers/scholars to present their work on a broad range of topics related to energy and environmental sustainability science and public policy in a major forum that may also include a limited number of presenters from outside of CUNY.