RSVP Deadline for ‘Contactless Smart Cards for Transit Fare Payment: A Paradigm Shift’

Today is the RSVP deadline for Dec. 6th’s panel discussion at NYU: "Contactless Smart Cards for Transit Fare Payment: A Paradigm Shift."


Support the MTA Rescue: Be Your Own Lobbyist

As debate on the MTA rescue plan is reduced to stall tactics and race-baiting, the Campaign for New York’s Future is organizing a Lobby Day citizen bus trip to Albany, set for next Wednesday, March 18. With several State Senators saying they will refuse to pass a funding plan that includes bridge tolls, your voice […]

Can Technology Make Public Transit More Alluring?

Would they get out of their cars if they could surf the Web on the bus? A recent article in USA Today looks at technological fixes for environmental problems — including traffic — caused by America’s exploding consumption of resources. The USA is growing more rapidly than any other developed nation and is projected to […]