Savvy Cyclist Class

Savvy Cyclist is a free, one-day, basic "introduction to cycling" program for teens and adults who want to improve their cycling skills. This class is ideal for new cyclists who want to learn the basics, or those returning to cycling from a long hiatus. It’s a great class for those who want to know more, to be more independent on their bike, and for those who feel a little nervous while cycling in traffic. It provides essential knowledge and skills to know, adjust, repair, and ride your cyclist like an experienced pro.

If you do not know how to ride a bike (that is, start, stop, balance and steer without falling down), this is not the right class for you. You must at least know how to balance & control a bicycle.

Savvy Cyclist is the same class as a League of American Bicyclists Road I, and it fulfills the pre-requisite for entering the training and certification seminar to become a League Cycling Instructor.

What will you learn:
  • Adjusting your bike & helmet for a comfortable fit
  • Performing a safety inspection on your bike to make sure everything is working properly
  • How to repair a flat tire
  • Using your gear system
  • Locking your bike
  • Bike handling skills
  • Cycling safely and confidently in traffic
The class is mostly hands-on and bike-riding activities, though it includes some classroom learning. Participants will receive literature and accessories to ensure continued safe and enjoyable riding.