Really a Dutch Problem

From Reuters:

Dutch cyclists union ENFB has launched the first
door-to-door route finder for bicycles, which is the result of a large volunteer
project inspired by the collaborative Internet project Wikipedia.

One in every three trips in the Netherlands is done on a push bike and the
country has thousands of bicycle lanes that are not accessible to cars. None of
these bicycle lanes were known to navigation software or route finding devices.

"This is really a Dutch problem. Other countries have very few dedicated bike
lanes and in those countries car route finders can be used by cyclists, too. But
here in Holland, car route finders are unaware of the best cycle lanes," said
Kees Bakker, project leader for the Dutch cycle route planner available here.

In recent months, dozens of volunteers have mapped all roads and cycle lanes
in the central province of Utrecht which has 1.17 million citizens.