Friday’s Headlines: ‘Intermittent’ Closures on the Brooklyn Bridge Bike Lane Edition

Path of glory.
Path of glory.

PSA: The Brooklyn Bridge’s two-way protected bike lane will experience “intermittent” closures from 10 a.m. to noon on Friday to accommodate maintenance work on the 140-year-old span, according to DOT.

A flashing sign informing riders of the closure was posted at the Brooklyn entrance to the bridge on Thursday, and the agency also posted about the closure on Twitter:

Cyclists hoping to cross the East River may want to opt for the Manhattan Bridge rather than risk running into a closed-down bridge. Of course, they could always brave the pedestrian promenade — though it’s probably a bad idea on a spring Friday when the area will be packed with tourists.

In other news:

  • NYPD chased a driver through an outdoor dining shed and still couldn’t catch him. (NY1)
  • Americans who actually need pick-up trucks are starting to think small. (The Economist)
  • The Manhattan parking garage that collapsed on Wednesday had a laundry list of documented structural issues. (NY Post)
  • Sam Schwartz weighs in on placard abuse and “ghost tags” — with a special shoutout to Streetsblog. (Vital City)
  • But New York City is years away from being able to inspect its more than 1,200 parking garages. (Gothamist)
  • MTA officials are making moves to seize nine properties for the next phase of the Second Avenue subway. (THE CITY)
  • Finally, our Editor-in-Chief Gersh Kuntzman took his war on NYPD’s “disdain for basic civility” to Vital City. Check it out.