Wednesday’s Headlines: Shoveling Off to Work Edition

Painted lanes on Lincoln Place were impassable.
Painted lanes on Lincoln Place were impassable.

So much for all that snow talk. The storm left a scant dusting over most of the city (and more in The Bronx) and will likely be long gone by the time you read this (nonetheless, the weather-obsessed Post did at least two stories on the flakes). Still, it was the only real snow this year, so our old man editor filed his usual dispatch with, um, not so much dispatch (he’s old).

Here’s his road report, in case you missed it. And here’s amNY‘s third-person version.

In other news:

  • The big story yesterday was the city’s big reveal of three over-the-top plans to finally make Brooklyn Heights love the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Each glossy rendering was greener than the next! (NYDN)
  • We obviously took a very different angle, focusing on the construction of an expensive and obtrusive temporary highway.
  • Oh, and speaking of the BQE, some road repairs will start as early as tonight, which we snarked on.

  • A labor arbitrator blocked an MTA plan to reduce some rush-hour subway service. (NYDN)
  • Speaking of limited service, the MTA’s Grand Central Madison rollout isn’t going very well for Brooklyn customers. (Gothamist)
  • Subway elevators — ya gotta love them (but only 90 percent of them). (amNY)
  • The MTA offers workers a great path to leadership — for the white person, of course. (Gothamist)
  • It’s amazing what can be accomplished with simple, old-fashioned cop overtime. (NY Post)
  • The Daily News had more on James Giambalvo, the bike rider who was killed by a reckless SUV driver on Staten Island, which we covered on Saturday. The News story, however, included the egregious suggestion that the death was “just an accident.” Paging, Jessie Singer!
  • An MTA board member and the head of the Riders Alliance want Fair Fares to be fairer and better. (NYDN)