Thursday’s Headlines: Just the News Today Edition

We got a late start on today’s headlines, so let’s get right to it:

  • NY1 covered the pilot effort to put trash in the curbside lane instead of on the sidewalk in pedestrians’ way. Unfortunately, the outlet didn’t drive home the point that putting garbage on the sidewalk in pedestrians’ way is absolutely terrible and offensive and a blatant discrimination against walkers in favor of car owners.
  • Grand Central Madison is still delayed (NYDN), but on the plus side, the MTA is making good on its promise to add more bike parking at key transit hubs (The City).
  • Rich get richer: The Grand Central subway station is getting a $75-million makeover (Crain’s). Hey, MTA, how about a little plaster and paint at Fort Hamilton Parkway or at all those J train stations in Lower Manhattan?
  • A day late, but the Post and amNY added some details about the light rail approach to the Interborough Express that we reported on on Tuesday.
  • Like roughly 49,000 New York City residents every year, cops also get injured by reckless drivers. (NY Post)
  • We covered the event last night, so our story on Bike New York’s awesome bike giveaway to asylum seekers will be up later. The Times got it early.
  • The city has failed to install weight sensors on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway’s crumbling triple cantilever under Brooklyn Heights, delaying a key part of the prior administration’s effort to prevent disaster. (amNY)