Wednesday’s Headlines: Raising the Penn Station Roof Edition

The new, higher Penn Station Concourse ceiling. Photo: MTA
The new, higher Penn Station Concourse ceiling. Photo: MTA

Gov. Hochul headed to Penn Station yesterday morning in order tout the new, higher glass ceiling on the Long Island Rail Road concourse.

“You’re starting to see my vision for the new Penn Station that takes us from the depths of hell, to [where] you can see the lights and the skies of the heavens looking down upon us,” she said, pointing to the fresh illumination of the formerly dark and airless concourse.

The subtext of her remarks, of course, was the other glass ceiling she wants to break by being the first female to win election as our governor some 60 days from now. And from that point of view, the presser worked very well for the governor. She didn’t face any serious questions about her controversial Penn Station rehab plans with their dubious financing.

Everyone (well, almost) gave Hochul props. Crain’s quoted her fire and brimstone remark; amNY headlined with her promotion of “progress.” A station “transformed,” trumpeted Newsday. “Makeover,” crowed NBC4.

The Post, always one to rain on Hochul’s parades, went with a story on Hochul “teasing” the lifting of mask requirements, the observance of which are falling away anyway — as did amNY, as its second dispatch. (They don’t call amNY’s transit reporter “Double Duty” Duggan for nothing.)

Speaking of rain, Clayton Guse of the Daily News was not enthused: “MTA debuts new, half-finished LIRR concourse at Penn Station, complete with drips from the ceiling,” was how New York’s (supposed) Hometown Paper headed his story.

In other news:

  • Ali Alshawesh, the 64-year-old Yemeni immigrant who was mowed down by a hit-and-run-driver as he stood on a sidewalk in Brooklyn on Sunday, was mourned. No word on his killer. (NYDN)
  • Everybody’s doing it (evading the MTA’s fares, that is). (NYDN)
  • It’s baaaack: Labor Day air travel topped the 2019 high for the first time post pandemic. Climate crisis? What climate crisis. (NY Post)
  • Brooklyn Paper talked up the good times on the Vanderbilt Avenue open street.
  • ICYMI: Fast Company delved into how car companies craftily shaped cities for their product.
  • Why we need more automated bus-lane enforcement: We always can count on motorists to break the law and screw things up for everyone: (Via Twitter)

  • On some streets the lack of enforcement is so bad, in fact, that one wag put a bus lane on a milk carton: (Via Twitter)

  • Congratulations to the Sanitation Department for its Labor Day trash haul — the first time in memory that the city has had Labor Day pick up. Commissioner Jessica Tisch celebrated: (Via Twitter)