Friday’s Headlines: Will the Rain Cool Us Off Edition

Hopefully, the rain will cool us off.
Hopefully, the rain will cool us off.

A line of widely scattered thunderstorms moved through the city last night, but don’t expect cooler temps to prevail — the Baked Apple is still a global warming victim. Try to hit a public pool on your way home from work.

Until then, here’s our news roundup from yesterday:

  • Twelve passengers were injured when a bus driver crashed into a pillar in the Bronx after suffering an apparent a heart attack. Naturally, the Daily News found some rando on the street to say, “This is why I don’t like public transportation.” Really? Bus drivers tend to be far safer than all the other drivers out there, so many after the next car crash, the Daily News will start quoting people who say, “This is why I hate even standing on the sidewalk, because car drivers are so reckless, I don’t feel safe anywhere.” The Post also covered.
  • A truck driver killed a motorcycle rider in Williamsburg. (amNY)
  • We appreciated the Daily News and Gothamist pointing out that the NYPD has paid out $68 million in misconduct claims so far this year. Earlier this year, we pointed out that the agency cost taxpayers $121.6 million over the last two fiscal years just in settlements for vehicular crashes.
  • We really enjoyed this Curbed piece about how the city should reclaim Eastern Parkway from the highway it currently is.
  • Hat tip to Curbed for opening up Hot Garbage Month with a look at how New Yorkers use the already limited pedestrian space for trash.
  • Curbed also looked at Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine’s propsal (detailed in our pages) to give a lane of the West Side Highway to cyclists and pedestrians.
  • In case you missed it, our Open Plans colleague Jackson Chabot was on Ben Max’s “Max Politics” podcast talking about public space management, curb chaos and trash.
  • The Times basically printed the DOT press release on Summer Streets for some reason. (What is going on over there?!)
  • Here’s the global bikes-in-rivers story you’ve been waiting for. (NPR)
  • Let’s hear it for our first crop of Open Plans interns, who presented their summer projects — curb management! Placard abuse! Open space! School streets! — to the staff yesterday.
  • Finally, please find a few dollars to help Mosaic Man Jim Power, a legendary New Yorker. (amNY)