Man Killed on Eastern Parkway by Mercedes Driver

File photo: Dave Colon
File photo: Dave Colon

Another pedestrian has been killed on Eastern Parkway, just a few blocks from where a man panhandling for money on the broad boulevard was fatally struck by a police officer in a van last month.

Preliminary details are extremely sketchy: According to police, a 41-year-old woman was driving her black 2014 Mercedes Benz GL 550 westbound on Eastern Parkway near Franklin Avenue at around 9 p.m. on a rainy night when “the vehicle came into contact with the unidentified male pedestrian who was attempting to cross Eastern Parkway.”

That “contact” knocked the man to the pavement, causing grievous head trauma. He was taken to Kings County Hospital, where he died. The driver remained on the scene and was not charged. Police were also quick to add that she was “not injured.”

Other details were not provided by the NYPD, with a spokeswoman citing the Department of Transportation’s on-paper oversight of the NYPD’s Collision Investigation Squad.

Meanwhile, there have been no updates on the April 7 crash that killed Ronald Smith beyond last month’s news that the officer in question — whose name has not been released to the public — has been placed on modified duty pending the investigation. Attorney General Letitia James has opened her own review of the crash, which is standard whenever police officers cause the death of a civilian.

Smith’s sister has blasted the police for not being more forthcoming with information.

This is a breaking story and will be updated later.