Thursday’s Headlines: Trash Talk Edition

Some of our "favorite" photos of trash on the sidewalks. Photo: Gersh Kuntzman
Some of our "favorite" photos of trash on the sidewalks. Photo: Gersh Kuntzman

Pile it high and deep!

The garbage jokes (we won’t recycle the lines…) came a mile a minute as Mayor Adams yesterday stood beside a spanking-new trash enclosure at the corner of Seventh Avenue and 41st Street (reported exclusively by us on Tuesday) to announce that — mirabile dictu! — a city program supporting the installation of such bins would extend to all five boroughs.

Last we looked, the city’s Sanitation Department operates throughout the five boroughs (although we’re sure someone might argue about that…) but not to dump on anyone’s sparkling announcement, we do think it is wonderful that the Clean Curbs program  (announced with great fanfare in 2020) finally launched. The Daily News reported the basics but tossed a lot of ink at an off-key remark about the homeless from Council Member Gale Brewer. Gothamist teased out the news that a part of Clean Curbs forcing new developments to containerize their waste was “quietly abandoned” after a public backlash. Our story on the extension, also with exclusive details, is here.

In other news:

  • Yesterday’s saddest story: the deaths of two graffiti taggers on the tracks in Brooklyn. (amNY, NYDN)
  • Brooklyn Reader did the borough angle on TransAlt’s pedestrian-death report, which amNY also covered.
  • Curbed interviewed the “queen of alternate-side parking.” In a laudatory way. Just sayin’
  • Congratulations to Joe Kahn for acceding to the top editorial job at NYT. Kahn “brings impeccable news judgment [and] a sophisticated understanding of the forces shaping the world,” the company said. If Streetsblog has proved anything, it is that the Times shows little understanding of how two such forces — car culture and the car industry — shape the world, and in a negative way. Perhaps Kahn will change that?
  • Who loves ya, car show? (Alas, the Correction commissioner does, too.):