A Round and a Roundy: The Revolving Door of Street Safety Justice

Cartoon: Bill Roundy
Cartoon: Bill Roundy

Nothing is more frustrating than a reckless killer driver whose recklessness is well documented, yet who is not removed from the roads before he kills.

It’s even more frustrating when city law does catch up with a potential killer … yet still fails to keep that reckless driver from killing someone.

We’re talking (again!) about the tragic death of 3-month-old Apolline Mong-Guillemin, who was killed, cops say, by a driver with an out-of-state Honda who had been caught on city speed and red-light cameras close to 100 times, and run up thousands of dollars in unpaid tickets and was even arrested a few times for driving without a license, yet was never gotten off the road.

But he did take a court-ordered “safe driving” class in May — yet still racked up more than two-dozen speeding and red-light tickets before killing (cops say!) Baby Apolline on Sept. 11.

To our national treasure cartoonist, this one draws itself.

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