Tuesday’s Headlines: Death Knell for the AirTrain Edition

Photo: Darren McGee / Governor's office
Photo: Darren McGee / Governor's office

Almost everyone (looking at you, NY Times) covered Gov. Hochul’s Sphinxian comment that she wants “alternatives” to the Port Authority’s “wrong way” AirTrain plan.

The Daily News, amNY and Streetsblog took Hochul at her word (though only we offered the logical “alternative” of simple, car-free bus lanes), but the Post went full tabloid, reporting that Hochul had pulled the plug on the Cuomo-era boondoggle.

That was pretty much the only real news from yesterday:

  • No, we’re not paying no OMNY surcharge, thank you very little. This ain’t Chicago. (NYDN)
  • There’s a new Staten Island Ferry in town. (NYDN)
  • The de Blasio administration is touting its climate bona-fides. Yeah, yeah, yeah … ban cars and we’ll talk. (Gotham Gazette)
  • Almost no one covered the new data showing how New Jersey residents who drive into the central business district  are generally richer than their transit-using neighbors, so please enjoy Dave Colon’s coverage.
  • And, finally, our old man editor’s favorite bar when he used to work in the Midtown tabloid coal mines has reopened, though it won’t be the same without Jimmy. (Gothamist)