Wednesday’s Headlines: Jurors Love Us Edition

This is an actual transcript of a juror interview in a Brooklyn criminal case.
This is an actual transcript of a juror interview in a Brooklyn criminal case.

Remember, you’re under oath.

A juror in a Brooklyn criminal case on Tuesday was asked the usual questions about his opinions and his hobbies (riding his bike and playing soccer), but when the judge asked for his favorite magazine, he didn’t hesitate: Streetsblog (though the court reporter transcribed it as “Street Blogs”).

We’re proud that jurors are increasingly (well, apparently increasingly) citing Streetsblog in the sacred voir dire process — it’s important for the court to know that some jurors won’t be a pawn of car culture. We don’t know if this anonymous juror was picked for the panel, but we salute him and thank him for his service.

You’re excused.

In other news:

  • The Daily News got more information about the Brooklyn man who was mowed down by a Rolls Royce driver early Tuesday. Turns out, the victim was a local teacher.
  • Gothamist covered the latest Citi Bike record-smashing week — and also pointed out that the system needs to expand deeper into The Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens. And menschy Jake Offenhartz even linked to our story earlier in the week about which candidates would subsidize Citi Bike.
  • Andrew Yang and Eric Adams were at it again yesterday (NY Post, Gothamist, Streetsblog). Adams also claimed that the problem with Mayor de Blasio’s deployment of cops is that too many are on desk duty (NY Post), and the MTA claimed Hizzoner is bad at math — cop math (NY Post).
  • Nice headline in amNY about the mayor’s race.
  • There’s hope for more diversity in the future NYPD. (amNY)
  • We believe people who block bike lanes should be ticketed — but the DOT could be better about informing drivers in advance. (ABC7)
  • Today is our old man editor’s, like, 200th birthday. Only perishable gifts, please. We don’t know how much longer he’s got.
  • And finally, this is a fun way to look at city government: