OPEN! ‘Cherry Walk’ Stretch of Hudson River Greenway Has Finally Been Fixed

The Cherry Walk is back! Photo: Peter Frishauf
The Cherry Walk is back! Photo: Peter Frishauf

We heard late in the week that the Parks Department had finally finished its long-overdue repairs of the Cherry Walk segment of the Hudson River Greenway — so we sent our top correspondent, Peter Frishauf, over there and he confirmed the news.

Here’s a slideshow of copyboy Frishauf’s findings:

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The return of the Cherry Walk segment between 100th and 125th streets on the busiest bike path in North America has been long-awaited by cyclists, who have been frustrated by delayspoor communication by the Parks Department and justified complaints about a poorly planned and marked detour onto dangerous Riverside Drive, where drivers speed.

But that’s all (sort of) forgotten now, as you can see in Frishauf’s charming video:


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