Wednesday’s Headlines: The New York Post Hates New York Edition

Post gonna Post.
Post gonna Post.

Wow, the New York Post is really heavily pushing the narrative that New York — the city where Murdoch loses all that money on a newspaper bearing the city’s name — is going down the tubes.

The latest example? Yesterday’s story that everyone is moving out. That comes on top of relentless coverage of every minor increase in reported crime, and Tuesday’s editorial that the city “is headed for a serious decline.”

Really? Can’t we all just hold on? De Blasio is almost out of office!

Of course, the Tabloid of Record can’t be blamed for seeing the city as a half-filled glass. As Dana Rubinstein pointed out in the Times, the Big Apple is in need of a chief polisher right now.

In other news:

  • Mayor de Blasio was asked again about the NYPD’s show of force last week to arrest a Black Lives Matter activist who was wanted on a minor charge. And again, the mayor said the NYPD didn’t do the right thing. Jeez, how many mulligans does Dermot Shea get? (Politico)
  • The mayor also denied that NYPD officers are in a slowdown — but the Post has shown plenty of evidence that they are.
  • We also had a nice scoop about how little the NYPD does on placards — but you knew that.
  • Wear your seatbelt, drivers — it’s now state law. (NY Post)
  • No one wants to see this, despite the Daily News’s “SEE IT!” headline. Don’t click. It’s a man bathing in subway hand sanitizer. (OK, click.)
  • Credit where due: Marsha Kramer of CBS2 followed our story about placard abusing cops in Harlem — and got the mayor to promise something would change (really? City Hall didn’t return our call about it.)
  • Yes, another motorcyclist was killed in the Bronx. (NYDN)
  • This Times headline won’t age well: “Retail Chains Abandon Manhattan: ‘It’s Unsustainable.’”
  • Your friendly retired federal transit man, Larry Penner, argues in Mass Transit that the Staten Island Ferry terminal on the Rock should not have needed roof repairs so soon after the $136-million job was completed in 2005. Ah, must be nice to be retired from an important job and drop story tips every day!
  • In our news roundup yesterday, we pointed out how NY Times Metro Editor? Clifford Levy? always spins streetscape stories as a battle between crazy cyclists and brave, put-upon drivers. Contrast that to how his international desk colleagues see cycling: as a POSITIVE!
  • This is kind of sad: Time Out New York will cease its print publication. (Financial Times)