A Round and a Roundy: Our Cartoonist Has the Solution to Brooklyn Bridge Problems

Cartoon: Bill Roundy
Cartoon: Bill Roundy
Editorial cartoonist Bill Roundy
Editorial cartoonist Bill Roundy by editorial cartoonist Bill Roundy.

Our cartoonist, Bill Roundy, has been reading everything you’ve been reading: how the DOT planned to do a study of the Brooklyn Bridge cables, how that study was delayed, and how the study ultimately wasn’t even done.

So, like you, he’s frustrated at a glacial pace of change for the congested Brooklyn Bridge bike and foot path. And he put that frustration into this week’s cartoon, which offers the DOT two paths to fixing the dangerous and virtually unusable shared space: one that will take years, and will likely never be completed, or one that could be done tonight, simply by repurposing one lane of the roadway for cyclists.

The time to do it is now, obviously, before traffic into Manhattan returns to its pre-COVID rates, and before congestion pricing is supposed to kick in, which will reduce traffic, and, hopefully, encourage more people to bike, which is why we will need more space.

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