Wednesday’s Headlines: No More Hiding Edition

The Daily News took a negative spin on the major reform (and what's with still using the term New York's "Finest" to describe a cop arrested for abusing someone?).
The Daily News took a negative spin (and what’s with still using the term New York’s “Finest” to describe a cop arrested for abusing someone?).

The state legislature repealed a law that keeps cops’ disciplinary records hidden from the public, making accountability far less likely (Daily News, Gothamist). The elimination of the so-called 50-a law passed on a strict party-line vote — meaning that every Republican in the state legislature is now on record supporting making sure the public can’t find out about perpetrators of police brutality.

Gov. Cuomo has pledged to sign the bill (but he sometimes ends up not doing so, even though he has promised to do so).

Coverage included the Daily News and Gothamist, plus a Mara Gay column in the Times that made the point of the day: “The repeal must be the beginning of changes to policing, not the end.”

In other news:

  • Subway ridership was up again last week, though it’s still waaay off its normal. (NYDN, NY Post)
  • A cop who used his NYPD-issued car as a weapon is facing disciplinary charges. Naturally, his name and his priors were not released (NY Post). Meanwhile, the Brooklyn DA charged Officer Vincent D’Andraia for shoving a protester with assault (NY Post, NY Times). But D’Andraia’s priors were also not released.
  • The New York Times looked at the race to succeed Rep. Jose Serrano in The Bronx — and, like any reasonable mind, can’t figure out why a Trumpist, anti-abortion, anti-gay, conservative is the front-runner in one of the nation’s most reliably liberal district. (Our candidate questionnaires in the race are here.)
  • “X” marks the spot … where you can sit on the Staten Island Ferry. (NY Post)
  • Ugh! Read the room, Ben Tucker (NY Post) — after all, even PBA President Pat Lynch did! (NY Post)
  • East Village residents will love the new entrance to the First Avenue L train station, now on Avenue A. (NYDN)
  • Some restaurants are opening even before Mayor de Blasio begins his open streets for restaurants plan. (NY Post)
  • Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams got a Post headline out of his proposal to allow “communities” to help pick precinct commanders, but there’s not much there there.
  • The NYPD continues to claim that its bloated $6-billion budget can’t be cut $1 billion (NYDN, NY Post). Meanwhile, Mayor de Blasio apparently feels he can appease anti-police-brutality protesters by painting “Black Lives Matter” murals on a few streets (amNY). Courtney Williams — aka the Brown Bike Girl — wasn’t pleased: