A Round and a Roundy: This Week’s Bonus Cartoon!

Cartoon: Bill Roundy
Cartoon: Bill Roundy
Editorial cartoonist Bill Roundy
Editorial cartoonist Bill Roundy — as he looks to his right hand.

In his other life, Bill Roundy is an arts editor for a renowned local weekly.

There’s not very much art going for Roundy to cover — but there are plenty of street-safety issues needing his unique artistic spin, so you do the math: You’re getting a bonus cartoon this week!

And this bonus cartoon is a beaut! In just three frames, Roundy captures the insanity of our current allocation of roadway space, which is allowing drivers to speed recklessly, while the NYPD does little to stop it, and the rest of us are crammed onto narrow sidewalks, spreading disease and sadness wherever we go.

It’s the kind of insight only a sharp-eyed editorial cartoonist can give, so we’d understand if Roundy gets snapped up by the New York Post or New York Times, two outlets that are desperately in need to Roundy’s talent (not the Daily News, of course, which has the legendary Bill Bramhall).

All of Bill Roundy’s Streetsblog cartoons are archived here.