Our Latest Satire: A De Blasio-Themed Version of ‘On Broadway’

It’s the Great Blight Way.

Our in-house satirical band, The Speeders, was so shocked by our story on Friday — about how the city doesn’t even want to ban cars on Broadway, which is basically empty of cars right now anyway — that they created a new version of the classic hit, “On Broadway” (George Benson version, of course) and the video below.

The latest song follows the band’s satirical look at so many recent issues:

The new song can also be heard on our Soundcloud link. Either way, sing along!

Bill says we can’t make public space on Broadway (on Broadway)
Bill says cars need more than their fair share (on Broadway)
But when you’re walking down that street
And you see so much space for feet
The mayor’s wrong — it’s clear it’s just not fair (on Broadway)

People know cars should be banned on Broadway (on Broadway)
But looking at them just gives me the blues (on Broadway)
We can beg God with our prayers
But nothing works with this here mayor
And this here mayor just repeats, “I refuse” (on Broadway)

Bill thinks Streetsblog is just so wrong on Broadway (on Broadway)
“Cars are so important here,” he just says (on Broadway)
But no, he’s wrong, we know he is
‘Cause open space is good for kids
And not just kids, but everyone on Broadway (on Broadway)

We won’t quit til there’s no cars! (On broadway)
More room for bikes and outdoor bars! (On broadway)
And we can look up at the stars! (On Broadway)