Thursday’s Headlines: Pigs are Aloft Edition

The stars must have aligned over Manhattan (or maybe the governor legalized pot in the newsrooms of the city’s tabloids), but both the Post and the News editorialized with the same opinion on the same controversial figure who had the same strong position as Streetsblog on an issue that rarely unites the two publications.

We’re talking, of course, about the “Wrong Way” LaGuardia AirTrain, which we’ve been covering like Chuck Schumer on a microphone.

AOC is right, there is a better way for LaGuardia transit,” read the headline on the Daily News editorial, which called the Cuomo-backed idea “very dumb.”

AOC is right: LaGuardia AirTrain is a worthless white elephant,” added the Post’s 70-point type, adding that the best solution is to “just shore up dedicated bus lanes.” (This is music to our ears!).

Well, we hate to say we told you so, but we did. And if we can bring together the city’s warring tabloids, is there anything we can’t do (other than get Citi Bikes in south Williamsburg)?

Here’s the rest of yesterday’s news:

  • An 83-year-old driver of a huge Ford Bronco ran over and killed a pedestrian in Fort Greene (NY Post). Todd Maisel of amNY had the best pictures, which included the old man’s “100% NRA” jacket. But neither paper’s stories had the key detail: At least 18 people were killed on New York City roadways last year by drivers over 65.
  • A high-level city panel is about to recommend a partial bailout of taxi drivers caught when the criminally inflated bubble burst. Reporter Brian Rosenthal deserves major credit for public service journalism at its best. (NYT)
  • In case you missed it, New York’s relatively low transportation costs (thank you, MTA) is the only thing keeping this city even reasonably affordable. But as a chart in this Curbed story shows, we should all move to D.C. (The story was based on a Citizens Budget Commission report, which has more charts and details here.)
  • Dana Rubinstein is not just a great reporter, but she also reads books. Here, she reveals that a new book claims Gov. Cuomo’s push to finish the Second Avenue Subway has set back subway service ever since. Odd that former MTA Chairman and CEO Tom Prendergast made a car metaphor in the book, but then again very few MTA board members ride the subway. (Politico)
  • Speaking of good reporters, Liam Quigley crunched the city’s speed camera numbers and found one reckless driver with 125 speeding tickets! (City Limits)
  • Not enough of you read our editor’s piece about how poorly the NYPD investigates crashes, so we’ll give you one last chance! (Streetsblog)
  • City Journal has joined the chorus of outlets wanting the holiday pedestrian improvements in Rockefeller Center made permanent.
  • Wow, Larry Penner certainly is no fan of the mayor’s BQX streetcar! (Crain’s)
  • And, finally, leave Mayor de Blasio alone on Bagelgate. He is absolutely correct about one thing: Bagel Hole on Seventh Avenue in Park Slope sells the Platonic ideal of a bagel: small, crusty, hand-rolled and boiled. Definitely not a Winnebagel, as our old man editor calls the supersized breads you see everywhere else. And admit it, it’s OK to lightly toast a bagel if it’s not still warm.