Friday’s Headlines: Just Slow the F Down Edition

Pretty horrifying video out of Borough Park yesterday:

(Trigger alert: A kid gets hit by a driver because the driver was going too fast and because our roadways are designed terribly)

Believe it or not, the boy was said to be not severely injured (the Post sort-of covered it), but it’s a reminder of what Council Member Justin Brannan of Bay Ridge is always saying, “Slow the f– down!”

Until everyone does, here’s today’s headlines for a cloudy, but warmer, day:

  • It’s back to the future for the MTA, which rolled out decades-old cars to replace the ones that were taken out of service in the latest Bombadier catastrophe (NYDN). The Post had details of what went wrong in the first place to make Train Daddy Andy Byford so upset (amNY). And Twitter had this evidence that these old trains just don’t know where they’re going:

  • So remember that panel Mayor de Blasio created to stall having to make a decision on what to do with the crumbling Brooklyn-Queens Expressway? The panel appears like it wants to punt … to another panel (Politico). Meanwhile, Streetsblog offers a much better idea: tear it down.
  • Given the latest troubles, you’d think the MTA would have better things to do than to threaten an amateur map maker. (NY Post)
  • The Daily News did the full tabloid hearts and flowers for the family of the 10-year-old boy who was killed by a garbage truck driver on Tuesday, though the paper really didn’t bother focusing on the driver who killed him. Guess it was all just a “tragic accident.”
  • The Village Sun offered a full profile of Joshua Geyer, the Hells Kitchen man who was killed by a garbage truck driver on Dec. 20, but had been unidentified by police until Streetsblog discovered who he was.
  • Two Queens lawmakers want to require the city DOT to create borough-specific transit plans. (QNS)