Monday’s Headlines: More Lies from the Car-Based Media Edition

Just terrible reporting. Terrible.
Just terrible reporting. Terrible.

WCBS2 isn’t the only local news station bought and paid for by your Tri-State Killing Machine dealer.

WABC added its own biased coverage of this year’s rise in road deaths with a much-hyped “7 On Your Side” investigation that wasn’t an investigation at all, but a willful attempt to exonerate drivers of the outsized role they play in all the carnage. Of course, we appreciate any coverage of the double-digit increases in fatalities this year, but Danielle Leigh’s report featured plenty of footage of pedestrians (who are not a danger) and cyclists (who were described as a menace even as footage showed them lazily riding and not coming close to anyone), yet not a single shot of drivers doing what they do all the time: using their 3,500-pound steel machines to run red lights or fail to yield to more-vulnerable road users.

Reminder: Car drivers have killed 180 people this year. Wake us when you’re ready to investigate that.

And the rest of the weekend’s news:

  • Several outlets followed Streetsblog’s coverage on Saturday of the 27th cyclist to die this year. The Daily News reminded readers that its original coverage included witnesses who said the driver who killed Yevgeny Meskin 87, had run a red light (though the NYPD denies it). Others, including the pro-car CBS2, ran AP wire that didn’t challenge the police report.
  • It was nice to see the New York Post cover how effective the city’s speed cameras are at catching speeders, but a little depressing that reporters never think to ask community “leaders” why years of rampant speeding never bothered them enough to demand that the city put more roadways on “road diets.” In fact, many community boards object to street safety initiatives if they’ll inhibit car drivers. Go figure.
  • Guse of the Newsuh followed up on Streetsblog’s coverage of last week’s parking forum held by Community Board 7 with a deep dive on the thorny issue — except for one thing: it’s not thorny. Free street parking is theft of public space, and we, the public, want something back. Only Komanoff has the guts to say it in Guse’s piece.
  • Ed Janoff, we hardly knew ye! The urban planner and a DOT official during the Bloomberg Administration has left Street Plans to become Deputy Director and Chief of Staff for the Union Square Partnership. Janoff is a guy who appreciates good planning — designs that include space for pedestrians, cyclists and greenery. And given the Union Square BID’s footprint, it’s good to have a true urbanist like Janoff in a key position.
  • Just when you thought it was safe to throw drunk drivers in jail, the New York Times reports that breath tests are not reliable.
  • Speaking of which, an off-duty firefighter was arrested for drunk driving — apparently, cops didn’t need a field sobriety test, given the crash he caused, then tried to run away from. (NYDN, NY Post)
  • More street food vendors are coming, which sounds like a great idea, until you consider that it means a lot less space for pedestrians. Hey, Sen. Jessica Ramos — maybe your bill could include removing some on-street car storage? (NY Post)
  • The lack of editing going on at amNY is making our old school editor gag — but there’s an update on the important East Side Resiliency project buried in this jibberish-filled piece. (amNY)
  • City Journal joined Streetsblog in condemning Chuck Schumer’s electric car fantasy — though not for the same reasons as we did!
  • The War on Cars podcast posted a very special episode that’s not to be missed — if you want to understand the automotive roots of today’s police state. Yes, it’s another reason to blame cars!
  • New York Magazine is the latest outlet to gush over the new Wegmans, relegating its suburban, car-caused congestion and danger to a single sentence. We did a whole analysis of it (with jokes!).
  • Long Island Weekly published Larry Penner’s deep dive on MTA finances. Bottom line: He’s dubious as always!
  • Congratulations, of course, to Streetsblog’s Julianne Cuba, who finished the New York City Marathon with a personal-best time of 5:03, which certainly would have been sub-5 had she not had so many well-wishers greeting her along the 26.2-mile route. Cuba has earned a day off today.