Monday’s Headlines: Weekend Car Carnage Edition

We begin the week where we seem to end every week: With mayhem and carnage caused by drivers. This weekend’s mess comes to us courtesy of Transportation Alternatives’ Co-Deputy Director Marco Conner, who witnessed this disaster on his block on Saturday:

Conner also told us over the weekend that he will join scores of delivery workers who will rally in Albany in support of Senator Jessica Ramos’s bill to legalize e-bikes. That’s at 1 p.m. at the Million Dollar Staircase.

It’s going to be a busy Monday, so let’s get you up to speed fast (but not exceeding 25 miles per hour, ever):

  • Clayton Guse at the Daily Newsuh had the best crappy story ever — a deep dive into the ever-clogged subway sewer system.
  • Double-duty Guse also had a story about a Brooklyn teen who took the subway to his prom. In a city with such low car ownership, this isn’t really a story, but the kid makes it worth reading. He wants to run the MTA someday! (NYDN)
  • The MTA now appears to want to do something about its generic newsstands and other underground retail tenants after years of watching Grand Central and other commercial spaces do a far better job. The effort will begin with three major hubs. (WSJ)
  • It’s bad enough that cops confiscate delivery workers’ e-bikes, but a thief did just that over the weekend in Harlem, cops said. (NY Post)
  • A Bronx man was killed by a hit-and-run driver after a Father’s Day party in the Bronx (NYDN). The Post had the story, too, but didn’t add much.
  • Gov. Cuomo is seriously intent on installing his budget director to the MTA board, even though it violates a residency requirement. (NY Post)
  • In case you missed it on Friday, Gothamist had a great story about how Friend of Streetsblog Shmuli Evers was squeezed by an apparently drunk driver — one who happened to be an MTA bus driver! We’ll be looking for Jake Offenhartz’s follow today!
  • Interesting story in The City about a highly subsidized Academy bus line in Staten Island. Local pols seem to be asking the right question: Why isn’t this line run by the MTA?
  • And we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: No one covers the floating ad boat story like Gothamist.
  • Happy belated Father’s Day! Bike Snob Eben Weiss, writing in Outside, talks about how he sometimes rides his bike on the sidewalk. Next year, instead of a tie, how about better bike infrastructure?
  • And, finally, if you want today’s dose of bike porn, check out what they’re discussing at the Bicycle Architecture Biennale in Amsterdam! (Arch Daily)
  • And Doug Gordon sent us photos from his block party: